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Extracts of Videos and Lectures

Becoming Attuned
to the Divine Plane

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First Level Lectures

    1- Awakening one's ability of elevation
    7- Living on Energy - Healthy food
    - To be vegetarian
    2- Becoming Attuned to the Divine Plane
    8- Voyaging through Time –
    To get out of karmic loads
    3- Truth, Goodness, Beauty 
    9- Recover the Subtlety of your Soul
    4- Choosing One's Happiness 
    10-  Why Did We Incarnate?
    5- Karma and Dharma  
    11- Master whet prevents us to live in harmony
    6- Love and Consciousness  
    12- Journeying towards Immortality

  • Original lectures in French, with translations in
    English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Lectures come with meditations, exercises and reflections on the subject
Second Level Lectures
    1-The main reason of our incarnation
    10- Coming out of our habits - Developing our totality
    2- The Creature amidst the Universe
    11- Talent and oath
    3- Exactness 12- Animal drives, human desires and spiritual aspirations
    4- The Management of Pride and Selfishness 13- The creation, a mirror reflection of the creator beam
    5- Becoming More Subtle 14-Principle of existence
    6- God helps those who help themselves 15- The complexity of the being
    7- Connection - Disconnection 16- Reconnecting our life to Unity
    8- Consciousness unifies and power divides

    17- Washing out our subconscious

    9- Immortality process 18 - Being in the permanence

    The main principle in their path is the spiritual quest.
    Beyond traditions and dogma, this galactic call leads them to experience 'contact'
    with other dimensions of higher consciousness who watch over humanity since ever.
    The spring which enlivens them is the universal communion between all the seen and unseen worlds of the cosmos and the search for happiness.