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For several decades a fundamental research has been made, aiming at the betterment of our human condition on all spiritual, intellectual, psycho-emotional, vital, physical, social and material levels. Through various studies, observations and interdimensional contacts, the multiple facets of complexity of the human being, and of the visible or invisible universe, have been studied. This work was made both on an individual scale and on social regrouping level. From more than 5,000 lectures and seminars, voyages and experiments, it was possible to extract quite a number of elements, which the research teams could set down in several books. These books were published in order to transmit to the public a large part of the results from this research, in an attempt to bring about decisive elements for the re-dimensioning of human nature, to re-harmonise the human being's potential abilities and to make judicious use of them, so that men and women may reach better happiness through clearer adaptation to the complex conditions of life and in the respect of universal laws. All these elements now can allow each person to acquire more precise understanding of the possible programming that she or he may be endowed with for the harmonious functioning of the whole.

There exist Insignificant topics, which people mention in casual conversation without even thinking.
There exist topics related to human life, in which the novelist or literary indulges.
There exist burning topics whose roaring furnace is fed by the daily news.
And at last, there exist fundamental topics, the contours of which very few people dare even slightly touch, since they are so close to the border of the secret unknown nature of the creation.


perhaps is an imaginary or super-real voyage before which several attitudes are possible:

- The people who know nothing are afraid, and therefore, they ridicule or ignore it;
- Those who think they they know talk nonsense until they are ridiculed by someone who knows better;
- Those who know that they are very far from total understanding may possibly and cautiously transmit some thoughts or results from their research.
- Those who truly know do not speak; they unify and finish.

Is there a better way than graphic art to transmit fundamental information in a trivial way, on condition that the intention be to contact people who can read between lines and see beyond images, of course.

But in any case, each person takes what he or she wants from that; and they only retain the colours that their prejudiced glasses do not filter.

That is why this saga of "Imageneration" oscillates between time and non-time, between human life and other cosmic presences; and this may even be more than just an entertaining and aesthetically successful introduction.

This is a door open towards new understanding of the origin and situation of the human being amidst the forces and cosmic presences that seem to interfere in a number of processes which some day may involve us more or less indirectly.

The explanations given throughout this imaginary but almost real voyage seem to be connected to a science that comes from elsewhere; and maybe this is the message from a future consciousness that is being outlined through this interworld fresco.

When discovering those Web pages full of gleaming colours, we soon wonder whether this is fiction indeed or more simply a reality which only certain voyagers of the consciousness may attain.

Evolution is a transformation of subtle and formal, energetic and structural configurations of the codes of organisation between the Creator, the Creature and the Creation. The various material, imperious, formal, physical, etheric, vital, astral, psycho-emotional, mental and transcendantal systems, through purification, co-ordination, and synthesis, and through positive or negative transfers, are organised in a direction of unification that transcends material fascination of the facts, crises and historical or geographical problems transmitted through radio and TV channels from political or cultural platforms having very little resonance with the facts of teleportation, transcommunication, angelism and subtle operations, which nevertheless are linked to electronic, electro-magnetic, psycho-chemical radiations. The perception of the line of resonance with planets and galaxies enables one to control and to channel one's integration in a line of contact with the intra-universal unitary telepathic numeration.







I. Appel Guéry is both a thinker and an interdimensional explorer. He has published several books:

From Earthling to Galactic Being
Woman: Essential Answers
Spiritual Idyl
Internel Awakening, tomes 1-2-3
Etre Anges Témoins (Being Angels Witnesses)
Successful Happiness (Réussir son Bonheur)
Daily Friend
The Intra-universal Unitary Science
Timeless Voyage


Remarkable Texts

Returning to the Original Elfic Kingdom
by Joel Labruyère

" This message is of an elfic nature, althought transcribed into the language of terrestrial deportation.
"In the tragic world of ordinary people, there is but one exit: the hole of death. But the inner elf wants to live forever; he wants to revive. The kingdom of light does not belong to the dark world. The elf within us remembers a universe where he used to fly through the ether in his crystal vessel. The noble people's invincible brothers and sisters of beauty used to advance towards the celestial heights in infinite progression.
"One can become aware of the inner elf whose rainbow-coloured etheric structure embraces the physical body's structure. If the elf is reborn, the bodily tomb becomes useless. We are an eternal being. We can feel this while contemplating our inner form. A being is asleep in there, a divine being that wants to revive. And there is a vessel of light. There is a propulsion motor in the heart's heart. The elf wishes to be at the controls of his star-studded vessel again. The whole universe is mirrored on the radiant surface of the vessel, this celestial chariot named "merkabah". The constellations are inside of us. Through those celestial doors, the sacred energy flows into the driving centres of the being.
"Let's find our own nation in the kingdom of freedom and love. Let's dig up our magical sparkling weapons, the jade shield and the quartzcrystal spear. We shall lead the noble fight for deliverance. With our brothers and sisters, let's build a vessel made of luminous ether. Let's get out of the hole of death before the diabolical forces add yet heavier chains on our minds and hearts. Beware of the apathy wave, of the electromagnetic straitjacket. Let's break the influence system and no quarter!
"There is not much time left. Since year 2001, the die is cast. Those who do not understand the situation, the naïve, blasé and weathercock-like people, those whose mind has become blunt under globalist propaganda and cheap messianism, all those people should step out of the track because they keep the valiant elfs from working at the construction of their vessel.
"Since 2001, those who still have not understood in which world they live will understand still less of it.
"Consistent with our elfic consciousness, we reject the debilitating culture of current times, the imposture named "personal growth" for the gnome, all these esoteric initiations, occult exercises, pseudo-white magic (or of any kind of colour), and hypocrite meditations meant to establish peace amidst the global hell; and therapies for egotistic people, rituals to reactionary divinities, luciferian astrality, negative channeling and neo-spiritism, the new-age jokes and novelties, oecumenical religiosity, the great circus of fakirs and lamas, and all the business tricks in the trade-fair of spirituality.
"We reject politics, identification with terrestrial races and nations, ideologies, material science and black technology. We want to breathe another era. We affirm our dissidence with regards to terrestrial states, religions, and organisations.
"Our own civilisation is based on spiritual energy which produces harmony of the spheres.
"We are camping, and we will be gone at dawn.
"All alone, the elf can do nothing. He must find again his brothers and sisters to rebuild a healthy social dimension and, beyond, a spiritual sphere where his supernatural powers will unfold. It takes the unity of a whole people to emanate a strength of exchange in interaction with the universe. It takes a representative nation, a kingdom duly built and registered. We say this, and this is what we are doing. We are establishing a social order adapted to our own elfic nature. If we understand this clearly, we will be able to make it, in spite of the strangeness of this project.
"This message is not meant for ordinary people, for whom it would not make any sense.
"This message is formulated so as to be understood by members of the Base who followed the operation since last Spring, and who are observing its slow but natural progression. However, those who did not follow our meetings from the beginning are welcome.
"Let them stand up, if this call to the creation of a social organisation escaping the global order appeals to them as a fascinating projet and a vital solution. Otherwise, let them find a more excellent project, or some superior ideal.
" Search for the exit if you can find it. But do it." Joël Labruyere
Translation from the French, September 2005



Books and Studies Referring to the Teachings
of IJP Appel Guéry

NU le livre des possibilités (NU the Books of Possibilities)
André Bercoff - Nicolas Deville - Paule Salomon

NOUS le livre des possibilités (Us - The Book of Possibilities)
Bercoff Deville Salomon

Telepathic Art and Syntheses / Exhibitions
Jean-Marie Schiff

An Exhibition about Telepathic Art
Jean-Marie Schiff

The Wings of Love, Tomes I and II
Johann Warren
Ed de Mortagne

Doctorate Thesis by Stefania FIERLI


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